We are here to serve the student body. The ASC consists of elected and appointed officials who are dedicated to improve the experience for the student body at Ambrose University through Planing Events, Advocating for the Students, and Connecting them with opportunities throughout the university. Here is a little bit more about your ASC team this year!



Madison Kehler



VP Finance

Stephen Jensen

I am in my fourth year of Business Administration with a concentration on Accounting and Marketing. As the upcoming VP of Finance I am excited to help each and every student understand their finances and work to allocating money for the events and operations of our school. Outside of Student Council, when I am not bogged down with school work, I love to snowboard and hike (or basically do anything that involves me getting outside). I am very recently married and hope to find balance in my personal, professional, and student life.



Vp Academics

Christien Abraham

I’m a fourth year student studying Cellular Biology. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in the field of Marketing (Lord willing). I'm super stoked to be back on ASC for my second year! This year I hope to continue advocating for students on all academic-related matters. I'd love to be able to hear from you all about your time here at Ambrose! If I'm not working on school and my endless lab reports, you can always find me watching the Toronto Raptors, brewing coffee (coffee snob over here) or eating my way through Calgary. If you ever see me in the halls (small school, you most definitely will) please say hi!



VP Community Life

Paige Goertzen

I’m a fourth year Biology student at Ambrose. Once I graduate I plan on pursuing my education degree and one day teaching high school biology. When I’m not at school I love playing sports and traveling the world. I’m so excited to be apart of the ASC team as the VP of Community Life this year and cannot wait to see everyone at the awesome events I’ve got planned for this year!



VP Spiritual Life

Shae-Lynn Reiffenstein



VP Marketing & Communications

Fern Rayas

I am in my third year of Business Administration with a concentration on Marketing and Human Resources Management. I will be in charge of encouraging you all to hang out with us and be part of the amazing community at Ambrose while feeling at home (you will NOT regret it). Something you should know about me, is that, I believe everybody has a lobster and my lobster is Jesus. I LOVE meeting new people and AUTHENTIC Mexican food! If you see me at school, please do NOT hesitate to say hi - I will probably force you to be my friend *smiley face* .



Executive Assistant

Lauren Schmitke

I’m in my third year of a double major in English Literature and Business and Administration. I’m excited to take notes and be a part of organizing ASC (I may have some OCD tendencies). If you catch me on a weekend I’m probably writing/reading essays or binging Netflix (we all do the second one). It is fair to say that I am an extra-extravert with introverted interests, it makes for an interesting mix of a person ex. I LOVE pumping people up and screaming but I also have a collection of favourite essays. Should you have questions about ASC, feel free to contact me!



Director of Operations

Cole Hartung

I’m in my third year of Biology in the Health Sciences stream. I’m excited about fostering a community here at Ambrose through my role on ASC. One of my favourite hobbies is spearfishing (it is a crazy time). One funny thing about me is that I periodically tell telemarketers “I love you” prior to hanging up.


Director of Wellness

Rebecca Tunke

My name is Rebecca Tunke. I am currently in my fourth year of my Behavioural science degree & I am an aspiring psychologist! A hobby of mine is reading! I love to read both fictional and non-fiction. Within my role as Director of Wellness for this year, I am most excited for wellness weeks - these happen every semester right before exams! Wellness weeks are an awesome way to connect with peers and gain quality time with the Ambrose community while participating in de-stressing activities!



Director of social justice

Bailey-Lynn Innocent