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ASC President:

Hi friends!

I cannot say how grateful I am to have the support of the student body in being elected as your incoming student council president. Thank you to everyone for your support, votes and all the love I have been getting in the hallways. I am thrilled to be stepping into this role and helping to create a space at Ambrose where all can feel welcome and advocated for. To recap the basis of my platform, my goals for this upcoming year include:

Proposing an accountability timeline for receiving grades and marks back. A secondary goal stemming for this is a proposal for the mandated use of the moodle grades section so all you academics can be kept well up to date with how your current mark stands in each class.

Implementing in ASC office hours for all executives so we are open and available to hear from you at a consistent time every week for all those health care plan questions and event ideas. (& now OFFICIALLY timbit time with the President)

Spreading some sunshine in every way on campus. Ambrose shouldn’t just be a place where we come to be challenged in our thinking and obtain a sheet of paper saying we did it – you should be able to grow academically, socially and spiritually and have fun doing it!

Promoting all means to be involved in campus.

Advocating for school needs on internal and external councils. External councils including the CSA (Calgary Students Alliance) and ASEC (Alberta Students Executive Committee) .

Grilled cheese day. I feel there doesn’t need to be an explanation of the celebration of national grilled cheese day.

Once again – from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone for voting and supporting my campaign. Please say hello in the hall and reach out if you have any questions!


Madison Kehler

President, Ambrose Student Council


Hi everyone:

I want to thank you all for re-electing me to be your VP Academic for the 2019-2020 school year! I’m extremely excited to continue advocating for you all and making sure the academic needs of the Ambrose student population are met. If you weren’t able to catch the ASC Speeches, I’d like to briefly go over my five main points that I would like to focus on this coming school year.

Timeline for Returning Grades: As students, we pour in countless amounts of hours into our work and our studying, it is only fair that we receive our marks back at a reasonable point. Thus, I’ll be pushing to have a timeline implemented regarding all papers, lab reports, midterms, etc. Depending on each assignment/paper/etc., students should have an idea as to when they’ll receive their marks back .

Mandated Percentage of Final Course Grade by Withdrawal Date: there have been instances where students have not received any marks back by the point of Course Withdrawal date (some students did not have any marks back by the final exam). Following the previous bullet point, faculty should be mandated to have X% of the entire course grade posted on Moodle (with the Moodle grade feature being mandatory for use).

Open Educational Resources (OERs): students should not be setback on receiving a textbook due to their financial circumstances. Thus, I’d like to continue the discussion around how OERs can be implemented in each course at Ambrose.

Student Council Office Space: in order to better accommodate the Ambrose student population, an office space is required so ASC can host office hours and be able to take important phone calls with MLAs not in the stairwells.

Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) and Calgary Student Alliance (CSA):  ASEC and CSA are advocacy groups on the provincial and municipal level, respectively. Using our resources in these organizations, I will continue to advocate for Ambrose and for our students.

If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to email me at! Coffee, as always, is on me!


Christien Abraham

VP Academics, Ambrose Student Council


Ambrose Constitutional Changes

Hey Ambrose,

Be prepared for the most exciting blog post of the century! We have made two significant changes to our constitution for the sole purposes of a) benefitting you, the student body and, b) enabling the ASC to continue growing in their abilities to serve our greater Ambrose Community.

The first change we made was the official addition of the Director of Operations and the Director of Missions positions to ASC.

In this 2018-19 academic year, we formally added the position of Director of Operations to our team. It has been the responsibility of this position to manage our Club activities on campus this year. As our operational abilities as a team continue to expand, so will this role. We will see this position growing over the next year into one that supports the VP of Finance of ASC and contribute to various operational tasks.

The Director of Missions position is a new role that was advocated for by Reach. ASC has been impressed with the achievements of Reach and we believe that this new position aligns well with Ambrose’s institutional goals as well as our affiliation with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. This role is not only interested in serving in the international mission’s field but also bring awareness to the various way’s missions can be done locally.

The second change that we made to the constitution was a restructuring of our student fees. In previous years, ASC has charged students a fee based on the number of credit hours that you take each semester. We have felt that this was not the most equitable way to collect fees as all students have equal access to benefits, services and programs that are provided through ASC.

Thus, we have amended the constitution to instead allow for a flat fee of $88 that respects each student and allows all to have an equal contribution to support the operations of ASC. This $88 fee will also account for an inflationary metric that will be capped at 2% in future years. These fees will be subject to re-evaluation by the student population every 5 years. These voting polls will be emailed to your Ambrose student email account (just like our elections).

If you have any questions or concerns about either of the above changes, please connect with any of our Student Council members or send us an email at

 Thank you for taking the time to read through these exciting constitutional changes! Hopefully you didn’t give up within the first few lines of this post ;)

 Many Blessings,

 Ambrose Student Council